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Elderly Care & Rehabilitation: Experience in Japan

Date: 2017.07.24 - 2017.07.28

Venue: Tokyo, Japan

Language: Putonghua / English


Japan, is well known with its longevity elderly people, social pension is generally abundant, the community advocates respect for the elderly. With the aging of Japan increasingly serious, pension care policy and management is particularly important. After years of research and development, Japan in the old-age concept, pension system, has accumulated a wealth of experience, walking in the front of the world. 2010 Newsweek has selected the world's best theme countries, Japan was elected as "the world's most suitable pension country." This unique study tour to Japan, under the leadership of CED School of Business, you will deepen your knowledge about the elderly care in Japan and also discover the importance of robot in elderly care in Japan.

2017.07.24 (Monday)


Hotel Check-in


Briefing Session

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2017.07.25 (Tuesday)


Visit 1 --- Elderly Welfare Service


Visit 2---     Re-Care Japan Exhibition

                   Prevention Care, Rehabilitation & Care Industry Expo

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2017.07.26 (Wednesday)


Visit 3 --- Care with Technical Assistance Association

Research, development, evaluation and standardization of equipment for the elderly (support for nursing robots in nursing homes)

  • Introduction of Association and its activities

  • Robot and nursing dependency

Study the ROBEAR (Nursing Robot) Project

This robot has 140 KG and it has a bear's head, giving a gentle impression to appease the elderly. It can help person to stand up while he/she is falling down. The robot senses the arm or other body part of the person that it tries to help by a rubber sensor. It feels the feeling of contact, so that it can adjust their movements, as mild as possible.


Visit 4 --- Elderly Care Centre, using robot facilities for elderly.

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2017.07.27 (Thursday)


Visit 5 --- Hospital, taking the initiative in using nursing robots, this project was funded by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.


Visit 6 --- University, development of a new generation of trained musclewear designed to meet the growing demand for elderly and nurses in Japan. We will experience the exoskeleton cybernetic product series developed by the research team.

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2017.07.28 (Friday)


Visit 7 ---- Alzheimer 's disease care research and training center. The aim of the agency is to promote the exchange of knowledge and better practices in dementia care.

Visit 8 --- Practical visit – EHPAD research and training centre


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