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Train the Virtual Trainer

(Course Code: PM200708)

Date & Time:

Option A:

Module 1: 2020.07.08 (Wed) 10am-12pm

Module 2: 2020.07.13 (Mon) 10am-12pm

Module 3: 2020.07.13 (Mon) 2pm-4pm

Option B:

Module 1: 2020.07.16 (Thu) 8pm-10pm

Module 2: 2020.07.18 (Sat) 10am-12pm

Module 3: 2020.07.18 (Sat) 2pm-4pm

Venue: Online Zoom Training

Language: Cantonese with English terminology


Modules 1, 2 & 3: HKD1800

Modules 2 & 3 only: HKD1400


Under COVID-19, the training and learning model has been totally changed and become NEW NORMAL. Many human resources agree that online learning would replace part of the traditional classroom training and become a new trend even the epidemic is gone in the future. As an HR professional or educator, interactive and highly effective online training skill has become an essential competence to be equipped with. No matter we’re working as an inhouse HR or education expert, or training consultant, we need to keep our expertise updated and sharpen so as to stay highly competitive in this VUCA market and world.


Target Audiences
In-house HR, educator or training consultant, or who want to enhance the comprehensive online learning planning ability.


Course Objective

  • Know the essential skills and abilities for a highly effective virtual trainer

  • Learn how to convert your classroom training into virtual training or blended learning

  • Equipped with different practical online interaction skill (From simple to complicated)

  • Learn different kind of leading skills for online training (E.g. Use of camera, different kind of microphone, and traps during online session)

Course Outline

​Module 1 – Virtual Training 101 

  • Pros and cons of different types of online learning solutions

  • All functions of the online training platform

  • Benefits & Challenges of coverting classroom to virtual training

  • Essential skills & abilities of a Virtual Trainer

Module 2– Online training design & Interaction skills 

  • 3 steps to design the online training

  • How to use & create online interactive skills

  • 8 methods to engaging the participants

  • Tips for using the camera, microphone as well as your voice 

Module 3– Online training practical delivery skill 
•    Start your session with highly interactive atmosphere opening
•    4 skills to keep your audience attentive
•    Create an impactful closing
•    Shortcut and database to enhance your training material & visuals

Bonus 1: Some extra interaction platforms out of Zoom or Webex. They’re easy to use and fun!

Bonus 2: A practical checklist for online training for you to start your online session easily and apply the key takeaway.



Mr. CC is an experienced head trainer who has over 15 years of experiences in both management and training. He was the head trainer of multinational organisation who has trained up numerous trainers for different regions, departments and functions. He’s also specialized in managing holistic training system and designing various training solutions. As he kept providing wide range of managerial trainings for different industries and organisations, he has accumulated solid training capability. He also grasped the chance to develop online training program in these years so as to become the first mover to cope with the new normal of the learning environment and earned trust for corporate client.

Tel: 2153 9887

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