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Zodiak®: Unleash the Business Acumen

for HR Professionals

(Course Code: BM170926)

Date: 2017.09.26 (Tue)

Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm

Venue: CED School of Business (3/F., 210 Java Road, North Point, H.K.)

Language: Cantonese with English Teaching Materials

Fee: HK2800

Today’s HR challenges:

HR professionals who work in recruitment and staffing, compensation, employee benefits, talent management, training and development or compliance are increasingly being challenged to...

  • Align HR efforts with organizational strategies

  • Demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) of HR initiatives

  • Support revenue growth and organizational profitability

To meet these challenges, they need a keen understanding of the company’s financial and strategic issues. They need business acumen.


Business Acumen:

Business acumen is an understanding of what it takes for a company to make money. It involves financial literacy, which is an ability to interpret the numbers on financial statements, as well as an understanding of the business strategies that impact these numbers. For HR professionals, higher levels of business acumen translate to...

  1. Increased credibility with senior executives

  2. The ability to think more strategically, and

  3. The confidence to position HR initiatives within a company’s business context.

Who Should Attend

Human Resource Professionals

Course Structure

(A) Learners gather around a visually engaging game board representing a company known as Zodiak®. Small teams become its new owners and move $1 million chips as they engage in selling products and services, tackling employee problems, making investments and fielding shareholders’ questions. Along the way, they make decisions about issues such as:

  • Staffing and training

  • Improving processes

  • Managing outside providers, subcontractors… and more


(B) Following the game, learners shift from the big picture of business success to their own company’s financial and strategic issues. Connections exercises guide learners to take a closer look at:


  • HR functions and departments as a “business”

  • HR budget and cash flow issues as they relate to the company’s financial objectives

  • The criticality of linking departmental initiatives to strategic objectives, and communicating these links to senior executives

  • The issues involved in analyzing and communicating ROI

  • Best practices in HR alignment and communication

Learning Outcome

Participants in Zodiak for HR Professionals sessions leave with a significantly higher level of confidence in understanding business – the financial concepts, tools and metrics that measure success as well as the business strategies, actions and decisions that impact the organization, its people and its bottom line. This increased business acumen gives them the business savvy they need to make better decisions, interact more effectively with senior leaders and analyze the return on investment (ROI) of HR initiatives.


Participants who successfully complete this course and have 80% attendance will be issued a Certificate of Attendance

Trainers: Mr John Lai, Mr Simon Tsang


Mr John Lai

Master in International Human Resource Management,

Chartered Secretary,

Certified trainer of Situational Leadership II

John has accumulated more than 35 years of experience in people and organization management in Asia Pacific with sizeable multinational corporations in travel, transport, logistics, semiconductors and capital equipment industry. He has held HR leader positions in DHL International, National Semiconductor Asia Pacific, Orbotech Electronics.

Mr Simon Tsang

MEng from Hong Kong University, MBA from Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chartered Engineer and Certified Project Management Professional

Simon served as a Global Account Director for HP, Director of Business Development for a key global account at Oracle. Director of Sales for Tektronix. He is an expert in business Acumen and Financial Literacy.His clients include CLP, Hang Sang Bank, Chow Sang Sang, General Electrics, Polytechnic University, etc.

Tel: 2153 9887

                                                                                                         *Supported by Paradigm Learning

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