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課程:重大事故後的傳媒對拆技巧   (2019.07.26)

課程:如何預防及合法處理工傷   (2019.07.23)

課程:社交媒體危機管理   (2019.06.20)

內部課程:危機應變技巧工作坊  (2019.05.18) & (2019.05.25)

課程:人力資源規劃-為即將到來的經濟衰退做好準備  (2019.05.07)

課程:招聘技巧:閱人   (2019.04.10)

內部課程 (澳門):旅遊危機與突發事故應對工作坊   (2019.03.29)

課程:應用創意工作坊   (2019.03.21)

課程:重大事故後的傳媒對拆技巧   (2018.12.05)

課程:如何預防及合法處理工傷  (2018.11.30)

Inhouse Training: Creativity & Disruptive Innovation in Network Economy (2018.12.01)

茶聚:輕輕鬆鬆,投資風雲盡付笑談中 (2018.11.24)

Inhouse Training: Business Process Improvement (2018.09.10)

課程:收息股賺取正現金流及期權套息工作坊 (2018.09.07)

Inhouse Training: Project Management (2018.09.01)

課程:如何成為管理團隊高手 (2018.08.22)

課程:如何管理老臣子及九十後員工? (2018.08.15)

課程:調解新應用:消費糾紛 (2018.07.18)

Training: Master Your Project with a Single Sheet of Paper (2018.06.27)

Inhouse Training: Mediation for Conflict Resolution (2018.06.20)

Training: Effective Budgeting And Control (Finance For Non-Finance Professionals) (2018.05.15)

Training: Corporate Sustainability Training Workshop on ESG Reporting (2018.04.18)

課程:僱傭條例知多啲:聘用兼職、散工和合約僱員須知  (2018.03.26)

內部培訓課程:高效溝通與故事力量 (2018.01.23)

Training:Legal Issues Related To Business Operation:
Gist of the law of Hong Kong in relation to Competition Ordinance, Trade Descriptions Ordinance and Intellectual Property Rights (2017.11.28)

Training:Managing Statutory Rights and Benefits for Part-time, Casual and Fixed-term Contract Staff Lawfully (2017.11.15)

Inhouse Training:Mediation - The No-Nonsense Tool for Effective Team Building (2017.07.27)

課程:工傷意外調查及僱員補償條例執行錦囊 2017.07.25 (第一節)

課程:工傷意外調查及僱員補償條例執行錦囊 2017.07.25 (第二節)

內部培訓課程:物理治療運動系列-肩頸篇 (2017.06.16)

課程:《合約談判策略技巧》工作坊 (2017.05.24)

課程:關公危機 vs公關災難 (2017.04.27)

Seminar: What Big Data can be done by DIY (2017.03.17)

Big DataIMG_2278
Big DataIMG_2286
Big DataIMG_2282
Big DataIMG_2294

Training: Workplace Accident Investigation & Compliance of Employees' Compensation Ordinance (2017.03.15)

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