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In-house Training

Why CED?

​Why choose CED Tailored-Made Training?

  1. Hands on experience. CED makes sure every participant has a real and up-to-date grasp on the applicable subject matter.

  2. Practical focus. Course participants will be expected to apply the learning from the course, and as such, we need to ensure the focus is on implementation of the approach. To this end, our programme will use a number of case studies and exercises based around similar environments.

  3. “Fit” with the existing knowledge / practice process. Our tailor-made training will bridge gaps between current and desired skill levels.


Our approach in In-house training

Understand the scope of existing skills gaps

We will conduct skills gaps analyses to understand how to focus the course content to ensure participants gain maximum value from the training.

Working in partnership with our corporate clients

In-house Training - The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups 2019.12.21 by Dr Joe LEUNG

In-house Training - LCSD

2019.12.02,  2019.12.23, 2020.01.20

by Jetta CHAN

In-house Training - 唐順興家禽(香港)有限公司  2019.10.10 by Mr Ken WONG

In-house Training - 香港中華基督教青年會盛愛之家庇護工場 2019.05.18 & 2019.05.25 by Mr James YU

In-house Training - Macau Tourism Crisis Management Office 2019.03.29 by Mr James YU