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Public Training

Workshops on Communication Strategies
for IT Professionals


Date: To be announced (2 consecutive days)

Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm

Venue: CED School of Business (3/F., 210 Java Road, North Point, H.K.)

Language: Cantonese with English terminology

Fee: To be announced


In this highly interactive program, you acquire a framework for maximizing the value of your negotiation, presenting and writing whether you are behind the bargaining table with a client, your I.T. supplier or your staff in the room or in the cyberspace.  You will participate in discussions and simulations that cover a range of scenarios that happened in your I.T. business. You will refine your communication skills and leave with a set of strategies that you can use to deal with difficult negotiation behaviours and hard-bargaining tactics.

Workshop 1: Negotiation: Strategies, Tools, and Skills for All-around Success

Learning Objective

• Acquire a systematic framework for negotiation process when you are talking to non I.T. people

• Heighten your awareness of the concept of “Win-win”, concession exchange, BATNA, and learn how to think across the bargaining table

• Learn how to expand the size of the pie by creating value in negotiations

• Gain problem-solving techniques for distributing value and strengthening partnership


Workshop Agenda

• Mind-setting and preparation of the negotiation

• Framework of Negotiation

• Understanding various tactics and how to handleo

  - The concept of alliance vs. opposition

  - Win/lose

  - BATNA (Best Alternative Towards a Negotiated Agreement)

• Learning the Negotiation Continuum

  - Bargaining Arena and Balancing the Power

  - Applying Collaborative Strategy Model

• Creating a Value-based Negotiation, handling objections, probing, and the hidden agenda

• Case practice and Disscussion

Workshop 2: Create a High Impact Presentation and Writing Skills

Learning Objective:

• Quickly organize your thoughts and generate content, transforming from I.T. to layman terms.

• Generate concise content to avoid misinterpretation, especially from I.T. jargons

• Using the right tone to conduct your genuine business and I.T. sense

• Establishing your message of the presentation and structuring the story line

• Punch Lining your presentation and keep your audience’s attention

• How to effectively using voice, body languages and other presentation aids


Workshop Agenda:

• I.T. vs. non I.T.: the overall gap

• Set a clear objective

• Prepare with the end in mind

• Think from your audience’s perceptive  

• Build a logical structure

Pin Point your message with a logical structure

• Choose an appropriate style, build confidence and establish a trust relationship

• Leave with positive impression


Mr. William HO has more than 20 years of experience in delivering negotiation, presentation and leadership training for Government, Universities and Commercial Organisations such as PCCW, LG, Standard Chartered Bank. He is a senior veteran in the business and I.T. world. His workshops are highly interactive, practical and focus on providing lively examples to explore different options from the I.T. standpoint.

Tel: 2153 9887

When you enrol in our course, you are expected to have read the terms and conditions shown in our website and agree with it.

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