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Study Tours

IoT/New Technology Study Tour in Germany

Date: 2017.11.03 - 2017.11.12

Place: Germany

Language: Cantonese / English


Germany’s manufacturing industry has been always at the center of the world, in order to maintain their giants position, entrepreneurs have been studying innovation and new technology. In 2011, according to the German government’s report “Future Picture-Industry 4.0”, we can see their commitment to open up new industrialization. In recent years, with the development of high-tech, internet of things take an important role to the business and customers (smart home, smart city, intelligent factories, etc.) This study tour in Germany allows you to discuss the real-life use-cases of IoT/M2M technology and solutions with experts in Siemens, KUKA, Bosch, SAP, Intel, Daimler and other giant companies. With CED School of Business’s Consulting, you will deepen your knowledge of Internet of Things and discover a new world of new technology.

2017.11.03 (Friday) Hong Kong Time


Meet at Hong Kong International Airport


Departure from Hong Kong International Airport

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2017.11.04 (Saturday) Germany Time


Arrive at Munich Airport in the morning, take a connecting flight to Stuttgart. Welcome briefing in Hotel. (Discuss the purpose of the trip & expected results).


Sightseeing with local tour guide (Mercedes-Benz).

Hotel check-in at 3 p.m.

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2017.11.05 (Sunday) Germany Time

All day

Sightseeing with local tour guide (Burg Hohenzollern, Schlossplatz, das Neue Schloss, etc.)

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2017.11.06 (Monday) Germany Time


Practical Visit 1---Bosch, is a German company with primary business on engineering and electronics. Core products are auto parts, industrial products and construction products. One of the world’s leading on engineering and electronics.


  • Robot arms production line process discovery

  • Intelligent transportation, experience Bosch's autopilot technology and the new artificial intelligence(AI) car computer for autopilot vehicles

  • Discover the importance of Bosch's cloud platform (car networking, industrial internet and intelligent building, etc.)

  • Internet of Things, experience the interconnection of the electronic products produced by the company (intelligent home, through the sensor to find parking spaces, sensor detect farmland soil temperature/water control, etc.) 

  • Future development plan, exchange views


Practical visit 2--- Schweizer AG, was established in 1849, and now is lead by the 6th generation of the Schweizer family. Schweizer stand for one of the most modern manufacturing sites for high complex PCBs and it’s the 3rd biggest producer of PCBs in Europe. Meiko Electronics, Elekonta Maredk, WUS Printed Circuits, Infineon Technologies are partners of Schweizer at the moment.


  • Production line discovery

  • Innovation focusses of Power Electronics, Embedding and System cost reduction introduction

  • Different PCBs for various uses presentation(Sportive PCBs, high currents, passive/active heat dissipation)

  • Technologies applicated for one- and double-sided PCBs, Multilayer and HDI

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2017.11.07 (Tuesday) Germany Time


Practical visit 3---Würth Elektronik, founded in 1971, is one of the largest producers of printed circuit boards in Germany, Würth Elektronik CBT specializes in prototypes as well as in small and medium-sized series. Electronics developers can find here all the prevalent and many innovative circuit board technologies and system solutions, all from a single source. Finally, the delegates can also speak here with expert specialists.


  • Production line discovery

  • Involved R&D projects introduction: KRAFAS: Minimum-cost design technology for a 77GHz automobile radar system; Chip in Polymer: Technology development for embedded components(ECT)

  • Differences between PCB in various technologies: single- and double-sided, multilayer, flex-rigid, microvia HDI, signal integrity, thermal management, wirebonding, embedded component technology, high current wirelaid technology, printed polymer, SMD Stencil.

  • Find design guides & tips for the PCB development and solutions discussing in electronical design.


Practical Visit 4--- KUKA Robotics, a manufacturer of industrial robots and factory automation solutions, based in Germany. In 1973, KUKA introduced the first motor-driven six-axis industrial robot, is currently one of the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial robots. 


  • Visit the robot production line

  • KUKA's smart factory using solutions by Microsoft and could platform (Watson IoT) by IBM to connect and to control assembly-line robots and other devices

  • KUKA control system discovery

  • Future development plan (cooperate with Huawei in cloud computing, big data, mobile technology and industrial robots to help manufacturing customers transform and embrace smart manufacturing), exchange views and cooperate opportunities.

After this visit, the delegation can know better that cloud, web and mobile technologies can augment traditional robotics operating technologies.

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2017.11.08 (Wednesday) Germany Time


Training 1--- Departure to Intel Corporation (Munich research center), founded in 1968 in California, is the world’s largest semiconductor company. Intel Corporation is also the first one who launch the x86-based processor in the world.

        Speaker: Hansjörg Briegel

        Profile of speaker: Director Outsourced Product Development

        Subjects: Discussing how IoT architectures need to be put in place to ensure increased compatibility across domains. Including topics such as what are ways to enable interoperability to scale from device-to-device and application-to-application all the way to system-to-system, infrastructure-to-infrastructure, sector-to-sector, region-to-region, and above for a truly global IoT? This talk will also cover the role of open APIs play to speed up innovation and achieve interface collaboration, and the evolving needs for standards within IoT architecture.


Practical visit 5--- PCB Express GmbH, is a circuit boards manufacturer based in Munich. It offers various types of printing boards such as Multilayer, HDI, High Frequency, High Temperature, Thick Copper, Flex, DS Boards used in different industry sectors like telecommunication, automotive, medical equipment, robotics, satellite equipment, etc.


  • Company and activities presentation

  • Discovery the production process of PCB

  • Discussion with experts about the prospection of IoT+Printed Electronic Technology

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2017.11.09 (Thursday) Germany Time


Training 2--- Microsoft, headquartered in Washington DC, was established in 1975. It’s a multinational computer technology company to research and development, manufacturing, licensing and provide a wide range of computer software services. After the IoT concept has been published out, it’s been active in the development of industrial cloud platform. And Microsoft is one of the cooperators for Siemens’s MindSphere. 

        Speaker: Clemens Vasters

        Profile of speaker: Lead Architect for Azure


  • To what extent do you need to redesign organisations, partnerships & operations to realise the value of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Identifying and working with new ecosystem partners

  • How to support your products and processes through the entire product life cycle.

  • Discussions around developing your own proprietary platforms vs working with external vendors.


Practical Visit 6--- Siemens Intelligent Factory (Anberg), the first factory that was the most similar to the concept of industry 4.0, intelligent factory in the world, discover the intelligent manufacturing of the intelligent factory.


  • Visit the SIMATIC Industrial Automation System (including centralized and distributed automation systems), introduction of controllers, software, programming equipment, etc.

  • Visit the Totally Integrated Automation System (TIA) operating procedure, introduction of this system and questions answering

  • Observe the operation of MindSphere system, exercise- try to find the software/app to meet the enterprise’s need to analyze the factory operation data, realize the intelligent control of the production line

  • maintenance, remote fault diagnosis, product tracking, energy management, resource optimization, etc.)

  • Future planning, exchange views, opportunities for cooperation

(predictive equipment

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2017.11.10 (Friday) Germany Time


Training 3--- Munich University of Technology, founded in 1868 to provide the state of Bavaria with a center of learning dedicated to the natural sciences. The university played a vital role in Bavaria’s transition from an agricultural to an industrial state – and accelerated the pace of technological advancement across Europe. It has 14 academic departments, and also Integrative Research Centers engaged in cutting-edge interdisciplinary research.

        Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jörg Ott

        Profile of Speaker: Chair of Connected Mobility, Jörg is treasurer of ACM SIGCOMM, vice chair of IEEE Comsoc TCCC, serves on the editorial board of Elsevier COMCOM, and is steering committee member of the ACM CHANTS workshop, the ACM ICN conference, the IEEE Global Internet Symposium. His research interests are in network architectures, protocol design, and networked systems, from modeling to implementation.

        Subjects: To develop and assess these security mechanisms. The project of ALESSIO research, leaded by Infineon Technologies AG, cooperate with Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security(AISEC), Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, Siemens AG and Technical University of Munich(TUM), is established to discover the an effectiveness mechanist system for the connected device in the Internet of Things. After this training, the delegation will deepen their knowledge about reliable protection for safety-critical information is based on a combination of software and hardware.


Training 4--- Schneider Electric Munich office (headquartered in France), founded in 1836 and is one of the world’s largest energy management companies and optimization solutions providers.

        Speaker: John Madden

        Profile of speaker: John is currently the Chief Technologist for the Operations and Asset Management products and associated IIoT Platform within the Schneider Electric Software Business. He is responsible for the architecture of these products and platform as well as identifying and coordinating the adoption of IIoT technology to serve Schneider Electric’s extensive customer base in the Food & Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas and other manufacturing industries.


  • Discussing the impact that integrated IoT technology has on different sectors.

  • Who are the main stakeholders affected, and what benefits can be leveraged by a business when integrating IoT?

  • What blue sky IoT technology can you envision being utilised by enterprises in the future?

  • Who are the leaders within this field, and what are they doing right?

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2017.11.11 (Saturday) Germany Time


Hotel check out in the morning and then sightseeing.


Travel to the airport and go back to Hong Kong after dinner.

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2017.11.12 (Sunday) Hong Kong Time


15:35             Arrive Hong Kong

End of program.

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* CED School of Business reserves the right to change the program agenda according to the actual circumstances.


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