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Date: 2014.11.03 - 2014.11.07 (5 consecutive days)

Venue: Hong Kong

Language: Cantonese/English

From November 3rd through 7th "Principles of HACCP in the food industry of Hong Kong" seminar was held in Hong Kong. It was attended by managers of public catering establishments of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During this study visit, the delegates had an opportunity to get familiar with HACCP methodology, which allows the company to concentrate its resources on the main areas of production in order to reduce the risk of issues with its products. The prominence of this seminar is supported by the fact that organizers invited the representatives of Center for Food Safety: a department which is tasked with ensuring that food sold is fit for human consumption.

As a practical part of the event, participants visited various catering establishments in Hong Kong that have successfully implemented the principles of food safety as according to HACCP process.

Delegates were particularly interested in the presentation and the tour of Hong Kong Company “Lee Kum Kee”, which specializes in the production of traditional Chinese sauces. During the tour of the company, the participants visited the testing laboratory and food production line and learned how the company monitors the quality of its products.

In Macau, the participants visited one of the largest chains of hotels and entertainment complexes “City of Dream”: Delegates were shown the loading docks, kitchen and dining room for the staff, and the manager of food safety, Mrs. Ruby told the visitors about the quality control of ingredients used in production.

After the seminar, the participants, most of whom were heads of catering companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan, received personalized certificates and thanked the organizers for the exceptional level of this seminar.

2014.11.03 (Monday)


Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA)

1. The Food industry in China and HK

2. Food Regulation and Food Code

3. Seven principle of HACCP system


Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA)

1. HACCP analysis

2. HACCP plan and implementation

3. Implementation of HACCP system in HK Food Industry

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2014.11.04 (Tuesday)


Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA)

1. Comparison between Technical regulation of Customs Union 021/2011, HACCP  and HK food code.

2. Process management from Food safety point of view.


Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA)

1. Difficulties of implementing HACCP

2. Case sharing of food industry in implementing HACCP system

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2014.11.05 (Wednesday)


Ocean Park Hong Kong

1. Visit of a restaurant and their central processing unit can be conducted to better understand their work flows

2. Explanantion of implementation of ISO 22000 and HACCP in the park

3. Presentation about ocean park and how the ISO 22000 and HACCP are implemented in food management of the park


Lee Kum Kee

1. Greeting & briefing from LKK

2. Plant tour : Testing Lab, QA, Production Control Room

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2014.11.06 (Thursday)


Macau Unviersity of Science & Technology

Visit of the canteen of the university - Presentation of HK food safety plan

Koi Kee Bakery MACAU

Presentation fo the company KKB and main acitivities - Factory tour


Servair Macau Catering Services (MCS)

Visit fo the unit of Servair in Macau international airport - Food processing unit tour

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2014.11.07 (Friday)


Tai Hing Roast Catering Group

Presentation of the company and acitivties in China - Visit of their restaurant and central processing unit


Centre for food safety of HK Government

Presentation and role of CFSHK - Presentation of HK food safety plan


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