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Public Training

Three Legal Aspects Every

Business Manager Should Know

(Contract Law, Tort Law-Negligence liability & Agency Law)

(Course Code: BM190322

Date: 2019.03.22 (Fri)

Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm

Venue: 21/F., Gala Commercial Center, 56 Dundas Street, Kowloon

Language: Cantonese with English Terminology

Fee: HKD2300/*HKD2150

*Discount for payment settled on or before 1 March 2019, or 3 delegates enrol together.

With the changing statutory regulatory system and also the growing competitive business environment, many practitioners may have to deal with the challenges in administering the contracts, employer-employee relationship, also claims for compensation/ damages that they will be or are already facing. This lecture will take the participants on a journey through the gist of some essential elements in contract law, negligence liability in tort law and agency law, also recent case law of the courts in Hong Kong, it is important that many of these principles will give the participants better understanding in how to deal with the business operation that may assist the participants to become advantageous in career and business development.

Target Audiences

Anyone in business who needs to better understand business-related legal issues

Course Objectives

The course aims to enhance the participants’ knowledge in essential legal areas related to business operation which may assist to enhance their practical skills and competence to handle business and commercial decisions in the competitive business environment.

Course Contents

  • Contract law 

    • Formation of contract

    • Privity of contract

    • Terms of contract

    • Vitiating Factors e.g. misrepresentation

    • Discharge of contractual obligation

    • Remedies

    • Situation discussion / case study

  • Tort law – negligence liability

    • Duty of care

    • Standard of care

    • Breach of duty

    • Causation

    • General defence

    • Vicarious liability

    • Situation discussion / case study

  • Agency law

    • Formation of agency

    • Types of authority

    • Agent's duties to principal under common law

    • Agent's rights against principal under common law

    • Position of principal/ agent with regard to third parties

    • Unauthorised acts of agents

    • Undisclosed principals

    • Termination of agency


This course is based on situational analysis with case studies and references.


Participants who successfully complete this course and have 80% attendance will be issued a Certificate of Attendance

Trainer: Ms Ms LAU, Wan-ching, Barrister-at-law

Tel: 2153 9887


When you enrol in our course, you are expected to have read the terms and conditions shown in our website and agree with it.

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