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Legal Issues Related To Business Operation:
Gist of the law of Hong Kong in relation to

Competition Ordinance, Trade Descriptions

Ordinance and Intellectual Property Rights

(Course Code: BM181214)

Date: 2018.12.14 (Fri)

Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm

Venue: CED School of Business (3/F., 210 Java Road, North Point, H.K.)

Language: Cantonese with English Terminology

Fee: HK2000/*HKD1800

*Discount for payment settled on or before 23 November 2018, or 3 delegates enrol together.

Hong Kong has been one of the most competitive economies in the world. Business and sales practices as well as trademarks and advertising (including the application of keyword) of the enterprises are governed by the law. Therefore, in case employers, managers and front-line employees of the enterprises etc. are provided with the knowledge in relation to the relevant law such as Competition Ordinance (Cap. 619), Trade Descriptions Ordinance (Cap. 362), law related to Intellectual Property Rights such as Copyright Ordinance (Cap.528) etc. and the latest court judgments, it will assist the overall management and operation of the enterprises, and also takes into account of the interests and rights of the consumers, thereby promotes its business development. In addition, the enterprises can avoid acting in contravene to the law and causes damages to its goodwill, also may have to face criminal liability.

Target Participants

Employers, administrative staff, frontline staff, etc.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to assist the participants to understand relevant legal issues in relation to the business operation, such as Competition Ordinance, Trade Descriptions Ordinance, law related to Intellectual Property Rights and the latest court judgments so as to assist them to pay attention to the relevant legal issues in the course of business and sales practices as well as trademarks and advertising of the enterprises, and assist them to apply it to the practical management and business operation of the enterprises.

Course Contents

Trade Description Ordinance (Cap. 362)

  • Extended scope of unfair trade practices after the amendment of Ordinance such as bait advertising, misleading omissions, aggressive commercial practices, bait and switch, wrongly accepting payment

  • Defence and additional defence

  • Relevant updated court judgement(s)

Competition Ordinance (Cap. 619)

  • Conduct prohibited by the Ordinance (e.g. fix prices, share markets, rig bids, restrict output)

  • Penalties for contraventions

  • Conditions for smaller businesses to obtain exemptions

  • Relevant updated court judgement(s)

Intellectual Property Rights in Hong Kong

  • What is Intellectual Property Rights (trademarks, registered designs, patents, copyright, layout-design of integrated circuits)

  • Relevant registration and law

  • Relevant updated court judgement(s)


Participants who successfully complete this course and have 80% attendance will be issued a Certificate of Attendance

Trainer: Ms LAU, Wan-ching, Barrister-at-law

Tel: 2153 9887


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