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2019.03.06 (Wed)

2019.03.27 (Wed)

2019.04.10 (Wed)

2019.05.08 (Wed)

Cantonese, writing a Chinese Employee Handbook

2018.05.20 (Mon)

Applying Innovations into your HR practices (Coming Soon)

人力資源的創新應用 (敬希期待)

Cantonese with English terminology

2018.05.27 (Mon)

エ作場所職安健風險的評估及管理 (敬希期待)

Cantonese with English terminology

2019.05.28 (Tue)

HR Must-know essential: A concise Guide to Cap 57 Employment Ordinance ( 2-days) (Coming Soon)

人力資源必備知識:第57 章“僱傭條例”詳解指南(2 天課程) (敬希期待)

Cantonese with English Teaching Materials

2019.06.17 (Mon) & 2019.06.24 (Mon)

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